The Nashville Comitium is the governing council for all Legion of Mary Praesidia in Middle Tennessee, as well as for the Memphis Curia.  
The Rev. John O'Neill, M.D. serves as the Spiritual Director for the Comitium. Fr. O'Neill first joined the Legion of Mary as a student in Ireland. He is now the chaplain of the Dominican Campus. 
Officers of the Nashville Comitium:
 Spiritual Director  Rev. John O'Neill     Chaplain of the Dominican Campus
 President  Joyce Brokaw  St. John Vianney
 Vice President  Theresa Dean  Our Lady of Lourdes
 Secretary  Ann Stout  Our Lady of Lourdes
 Treasurer  Rick Schibig  St. John Vianney
Contact Information: 
President Joyce Brokaw at or (615) 294-6788. 
Vice President Teresa Dean at

The Nashville Comitium is governed by the Cincinnati Senatus. Officers include:
President        Bridgett Redding         513-385-8925
VP                 Sybil McDowell           513-259-6409
Secretary       Jeanette Siener     812-592-8787
Asst Sec.       Charmaine Uhlman                                                513-321-8780
Treasurer       Jean Palanci                                                          513-662-1355