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Maria Legionis Magazine

posted Mar 9, 2014, 2:42 PM by Assumption Church
At the March Comitium, Sister Horne shared an offer she found in the Legion of Mary magazine. (Frank Duff's Miracles on Tap is available for only $5 a copy and will be sold at a future Comitium!)

"Where do we get this magazine?" a Legionary asked.

Maria Legionis magazine has been published through the Philadelphia Senatus since 1937. You can visit the site by clicking here or find the link on our Resources Page.

Maria Legionis Business Address  (Subscriptions & Information)

5109 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA  19141
Fax 215-457-9369 

USA Subscribers:
1 year (4 issues)    $8.00
2 years (8 issues)    $15.00
3 years (12 issues)    $20.00