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Report from the Congress in Cincinnati

posted Nov 17, 2013, 11:11 AM by Assumption Church
Left to right:Joyce Brokaw, Vice President, Lynn Horne, president of Nashville Comitium, Joyce Burti, president of the Memphis Curia & Rick Schibig, treasurer of the Nashville Comitium.

The four attended the Cincinnati Regional Senatus Congress. Five states were represented, Ohio,Michigan,Indiana, Kentucky ,& Tennessee. Theme: Faith in The Mission of Mary. Topic: membership.

Sister Horne shared this report at the November Comitium:

There were about 30 to 40 people there – mostly officers of Regia, Curia, and Comitium from Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and us from Tennessee. I was so impressed by their devout love for Our Lady, but I was especially intrigued by whom the Blessed Mother has chosen to lead Her army. As I looked around the room where we were gathered I saw those who are lame, blind, and hearing impaired. One man has a speech impediment and he broadcasts the Rosary over the radio. I was so filled with joy to realize this and immediately thought of those whom the Blessed Mother has come to in Her apparitions such as St. Juan Diego, St. Bernadette, the children at Fatima, etc. I thought of Biblical examples such as Moses, young David with Goliath, and even Gideon and his small army that God used for His great glory. I felt so honored to be in that room with those specially chosen soldiers of the Blessed Mother and I came home so enthusiastic about the work that She has for all of us right here in Tennessee.

One of the main thoughts that I brought back with me from the Congress is that we must follow the Handbook without question. If we are going to be effective soldiers in Her army we must follow the battle plan. Sr. Joyce and I were stunned to discover that they were all praying the Catena differently. We asked questions and sure enough we have been alternating lines instead of responses. When we got home we checked on the Concilium’s website and sure enough, it was verse by verse. When I mentioned to Fr. O’Neill that we had been saying the Catena differently than those at the Congress – and from the Concilium in Ireland- he of course without hesitation said to do it that way. Even though this is a change for us, we should be thankful that we found out and that from now on we will be saying it correctly. We will also be following the standard of kneeling, standing, and kneeling for the prayers (if you are able to of course). Hopefully by our obedience and zeal to please Her Our Blessed Mother will send us graces to do the work that She needs for us to do.

I already mentioned the Rosary broadcast on the radio, and there were also some other works being done that I thought might interest you. A nursing home in Cincinnati actually has its own praesidium, and one of its members wheels herself around to visit the sick patients for her Legion work. One group had a very successful book barrow at a fair this year. They labeled the table “Catholic Information Booth” but had Legion information and books, Tesseras, Rosaries, Scapulars, and medals free for all. They said that at first they didn’t think that they would be able to be at the fair because it required a million dollar insurance coverage. However, the Blessed Mother takes care of all things necessary and they were able to get a rider on their church’s plan – for free nonetheless.

Quite a few praesidia there said that they had sponsored and had great response to the 33 Days to Morning Glory Retreat. Deacon Vu, one of our guest speakers who is Vietnamese, translated the book for one of his parishioners to Vietnamese, and after a month of doing so was convinced to make the Consecration to Jesus through Mary himself.

All in attendance shared concern over low attendance, especially at the monthly Curia/Comitium meetings. The secretary of the Senatus encouraged attendance when she said that many people feel that they are too busy or that they have family obligations, but she reminded us that the Blessed Mother knows our obligations- ask Her for help in working things out for you to get to the meeting

Thank you for voting to use Comitium funds to cover our expenses. We had a great trip and valuable interaction and exchange of ideas with the other Legionaries there.